MGTOW & The Demise Of David’s Bridal

Full disclosure: I have no earthly idea if MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or another “meninist” offshoot is responsible for the David’s Bridal bankruptcy but I’d certainly like to think so. More likely it’s a combination of many things and MGTOW, The Red Pill and other men’s rights movements are merely the manifestation of the shitty deal men have been getting lately. Because these movements lack a clear charter and are, more often than not, hijacked by less well-intentioned people, it’s hard to say definitively that I subscribe fully to their philosophy but there are certain points which we can agree on.

For instance, I hold this to be true: marriage is not in a man’s best interest, at least not as things are currently structured. Under optimal circumstances, marriage benefits both parties equally and serves as the bedrock for family building and child rearing. That is no longer the case and marriages almost overwhelmingly favor women…..when they come to an ignominious end that is. Perhaps the acrimonious divorce is recompense for the relative male prosperity during the marriage and her oft portrayed longsuffering with some dope who dips his kid’s feet in plastic? I mean, that’s how it’s viewed, right? Men as clueless buffoons just getting by on a steady diet of wooly mammoth rib cages and living in dank, poorly decorated caves until our “better halves” drag us kicking and screaming into civility and domestic bliss. But that bliss is short-lived because it’s predicated on a lot of projections that neither party to matrimony are willing or able to satisfy, but none more than women.

Women cannot be blamed for this tectonic shift in gender relations, however. Simps and ultra-thirsty beta orbiters are the real issues at play here. These men have singlehandedly granted women an easy victory in the ongoing battle of the sexes by offering up their own dignity as a sacrifice to women who, ironically, wouldn’t ordinarily give them the time of day were it not for their resources. But with admiration comes other perks – not necessarily issuing from the man she was hoping would bestow them but nonetheless from someone emotionally pliable and thirsty enough to provide for her short-term material needs up to and including entertainment, travel, spending money, access to a more sophisticated social circle, etc. And somewhere, scrawled in fine print at the bottom of page 63, is an implicit agreement that you being a good little boy and providing for her material needs = getting laid because -wink, wink- both of us know you couldn’t get laid otherwise. It’s also necessary to take into account that before the advent of Instagram, hot women had a limited influence on people in other zip codes but today, some insecure woman compensating for an intellectual shortcoming can cast a very wide net with her narcissism. She can clap her ass cheeks together for men in Tokyo, Riyadh, Sydney, Paris, NYC, Sao Paulo and London instantaneously and start entertaining offers from insanely rich men who want to defecate on their chests.

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