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Hey Gillette….FUCK YOU!!

*Type*……*Delete*……*Type some more* – *Delete*…..*muffled muttering*…..*Delete*

I don’t know where to start dissecting this insulting social justice warrior/virtue signaling/beta cuckold pablum, but I’ll try and sum up Gillette’s none-too-subtle message. In every boardroom, bedroom, and apparently, now, restroom lurks a violent, sexual predator holding women down or back depending on the level of the man’s psychosexual depravity and the duration of his exposure to misogyny vis-à-vis the rampant cult of toxic masculinity passed down by his father and his father before him….all wonderfully illustrated in the backyard BBQ scene. In every man lurks a bully and mansplainer. In every man, there is a deviant piece of shit attempting to defile and deflower America’s virginal women. The message is clear, America: the He-Man Women Hater’s Club has got to go and it must give way to something so deferential to women as to render them beyond reproach or scrutiny of any kind. So who is to blame for all of this, you ask?

This motherfucker right here, and here, and here. And ESPECIALLY these motherfuckers…..RIGHT HERE. And don’t forget this fucking douchebag, either. Their publicly espoused views are generally Alan Alda-ish enough as to not raise suspicion among the PC Powers That Be that they may be harboring ANY pro-male/non-self-loathing sentiments. Privately, however, many of them if not most are laughing and degrading the ditzy groupie they had met only minutes earlier….and promptly fucked. Hypocritical men like these are truly the most cowardly, loathsome type of men for they possess no calling or instinct higher than personal enrichment. Even their integrity and very identities are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness for without their righteous social crusader status firmly intact, these bags of bones are all-too-subject to the emotional vicissitudes and whimsy of their mostly braindead and HIGHLY perfidious fanbase. And because their braindead fans subscribe to the same peer pressure-based conformity system they do, the fickle moviegoing public turns on them without hesitation and the money stops rolling in via endorsements and appearances because the Hollywood Elite slap you with the racist/sexist/homophobe/rapist/nazi label. Unless of course, you’re a good looking, violent rapper who beats women (but has nice tats) then it’s mostly swept under the rug. But that’s another discussion and I digress. When you put it that way, it’s almost understandable for a school teacher, admin, electrician, programmer, engineer, etc., to remain blissfully disengaged from politics and social justice-style activism for fear of losing their modest incomes due to their perceived failure to be sufficiently politically correct – the most ruinous crime in scared shitless, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” America nowadays.

But for a celebrity whose net worth has reached proportions such that exist today, it would seemingly afford that person a degree of immunity from public derision and its many unfortunate outcomes because to put it plainly, they’re just so fucking rich they can afford to espouse whatever belief system truly suits them without fear of reprisal by some gender-fluid SJW tactical media hit squad from Evergreen College with a direct line to Rachel Maddow’s iPhone. But that hasn’t prevented an onslaught of beta whiteknighters of the highest order [read: athletes and celebs] rushing in to pander to women, be it for pussy, ratings or followers/consumers. Most men that I heard from were like “women are suddenly fucking angels?”. When do you reckon the American viewing public is ever going to be treated to a national finger-wagging virtue signaling extravaganza directed at women folk? Never. Why? Because a rapidly expanding cross-section of beta men are standing idly by as women use their sexuality to exploit them while simultaneously opting to get poked by the fittest bull in the pasture, i.e., not the white knight virtue signaling meninist bitch who thinks he’s going to be rewarded for his loyalty to the cause in vaginal walls. Wrong! The only thing she smells on you is desperation and a pathetic willingness to overshadow your own self-interests entirely for a whiff of her pink treasure. And you know what? She’s 100% spot on. As women have started slinking away from and/or friend zoning men who just have that spongy, malleable feel to them, the pool of women available to these eunuchs has shrunk considerably. Clueless that they alone are responsible for their deplorable fate but helpless to correct it because, for fuck sake, they haven’t witnessed real masculinity in bloom. Authoritative. Decisive. Self-Assured. Intriguing. They were, quite often, subjected to domineering mom’s who wore the pants and didn’t hesitate to crack the whip when their gutless husbands got out of line, i.e., had the temerity to not immerse themselves in her life entirely, she withdrew her sex because it wasn’t worth a fuck anyway – no pun intended.

We’ve all known the little weasel who has to ask permission to go golfing or have a night out. He’s generally a pussy by nature but the thought of being left without his lifeline to real somewhat periodic and highly ritualistic sex leaves him a quivering bowl of jello. Why? Because he knows he’s helpless to find a suitable replacement for several reasons.

  1. He’s completely out of shape. He has a sizable paunch and has poor muscle town and often carries a slouch.
  2. He’s insecure after years of being reassured by his “loving wife” that she’s an honest to god treasure here on earth and he is lucky to catch a whiff of her farts. Find someone as unique and tolerant as her? Perish the thought.
  3. He’s stuck because he is staring the divorce meat grinder in the face and knows that regardless of circumstances, the deck is already stacked against him and he’ll easily lose 60% of everything “they” amassed together. God help him if he had no premarital assets. He’s going to be manipulated and statutorily abused by the former love of his life and she’s going to reveal exactly what kind of petty, narcissistic freakshow was lingering beneath the surface all of these years.
  4. Tis better to be a servile beta with a woman in your life (strictly for validation) than, God forbid, be single and maintain a degree of autonomy.

Point is, this pandering simply must stop before it corrupts the very fabric of our society. We are testing certain successful anthropological prerogatives that are time-tested and essential to the continued survival of our species (in any meaningful way).

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