MGTOW & the Demise of David’s Bridal

Full disclosure: I have no earthly idea if MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or another "meninist" offshoot is responsible for the David's Bridal bankruptcy but I'd certainly like to think so. More likely it's a combination of many things and MGTOW, The Red Pill and other men's rights movements are merely the manifestation of the shitty deal men have been getting over the last 10-15 years. Because these movements lack a clear charter and are, more often than not, hijacked by less well-intentioned people, it's hard to say definitively…

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Here we go again….

Brazil: March 2005 I was in Rio de Janeiro with my then-fiancee, Fernanda. She also has the distinction of being my ex-wife, btw. But I digress. I can distinctly recall the moment I started getting heavy about the inscrutable cruelty of life as we know it and the vicissitudes of economic collapse. Yeah, I was a fucking hoot! We were on Copacabana, Leblon or Ipanema beach sometime before Carnaval. We were engaged but still getting to know one another [see: divorce] and I had traveled around South America with the intention…

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