Step 4: Import Settings Most of the demos have specific options defined for the demo. So be sure to import the customizer options as well. These are located in the "oceanwp-export.json" file for the specified demo in the sample data files – example. Follow these steps to import the settings: 1 If it is not activated, install and activate the Ocean Extra plugin. 2 Go to Theme Panel > Import/Export tab. 3 Click on choose file and select the oceanwp-export.json file of the demo you want import.

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What If?

If you say, ‘get the lawyer’ — come on down.

But if you wanted go after the lawyer, what would you need to prove criminal culpability? After all, if you can’t prove the lawyer knew of the falsity of the sworn statements, and took no steps to suborn the perjury, you would need more for a prosecution. Whether it’s a perjury or conspiracy prosecution, what you would need, barring some documentary smoking gun, is for the witness accused of perjury to flip on the lawyer. (more…)

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From Propaganda War to Civil War

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Lula is in jail because he accepted bribes of 1 million USD’s worth of beachfront property. Your refusal to accept this is belief in a conspiracy theory that he is innocent. He did a lot of good work, but he overspent, he supported dictators and he accepted bribes. A fairly normal thing to do among Brazilian politicians, but apparently one that the nation is outgrowing… hopefully.


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