Beta Male: Enemy Of All Men

There is no man more abhorrent, distasteful and offensive than the beta male. The desire to address this topic has been stirring in me for some time, and with each passing day, the irreparable damage wrought in the wake of standard beta/simp behavior proliferates. Did this stirring coincide with my own divorce? Actually, no, although the tumult that resulted from my divorce certainly contributed heavily to dysfunction in my first real relationship post-separation. And that relationship was the one that brought me over to the dark side….

It’s hard to find the right inspiration when posting as it feels like it’s all been said before, but then it occurred to me that much of what’s been said before resonated only within an echo chamber of a select few enlightened men. I won’t divulge the source of inspiration for this post, but needless to say, the author hopes to craft a persona and career in lifting the veil from men’s eyes. I started this post months ago in all honesty, but here I am, months later, attempting to put another feather in my cap with the post to end all posts about this conundrum facing today’s legions of admittedly beta males. As I read through the post, something softened in me where it usually hardens into a concrete and solidly biased opinion but one I enjoy nonetheless.

By no means the total man I aspire to be, I am nonetheless much more self-satisfied in this aging earthly vessel and increasingly wiser mind than when I had an enviable 6-pack and was brimming with youthful vigor. I am, in short, somewhat more gifted than your average inhabitant of Dixon [forthwith, my fictitious hometown]. I am relatively well-educated, and not exactly in the classical sense. While I do have a “college degree”, I largely considered that entire experience so inadequate that it doesn’t arrive at the level of what I would call truly “higher education”, and no that wasn’t a quirky reference to drug use. My worldly travel and on-the-job experience taught me far more than any sterile, slanted education brought to you by academics who, if left to their own devices in the private sector, would wash out in practical terms. I don’t want to debate the merits of academia because god knows you’ll find no bigger fan of genuine investigation and debate than yours truly, but the fucking highly charged political environment on today’s campuses is oppressive and not at all conducive to genuine empirical research which calls for the slavish devotion to objectivism. Not going to find that when so many are thrown into a rage over a fucking baseball cap or facial piercings and rasberry hair. So, I’m clearly digressing here, I might as well bring it all the way off tangent and see if I can’t tie it in somewhere. I respect the advances that the wellspring of academia offers all mankind as I now believe that technological innovation will necessarily have to outstrip human environmental degradation as a result of multiple factors including overpopulation, famine, disease and those pathogens that are increasingly resistant to all human efforts to eradicate them otherwise we’re really and truly fucked – like extinction level fucked. Phhhhewwww! Sorry, I know I’m really getting out into the weeds now but there’s a point buried in here I promise. Academia has a place but it ‘s generally within the confines of science including med and vet med, engineering to include structural, electrical, mechanical and civil, including architecture, etc. You get the fucking point. Some subjects are better left to highly trained instructors whose calculations allow 100-ton aircraft to transport humans at 35K feet.

I am entirely devoid of those skills. In fact, I’m probably mathematically deficient to be honest although I respect the science and admire the skill set tremendously. I am, however, well-endowed….in the linguistic arts. My command of English, while not flawless, is certainly superior to the vast number of servile peasants who inhabit my kingdom! I also speak Portuguese with near fluency. Don’t ask me why, but I do. Give me a week or two to get back up to speed and my French allows me to communicate with any Francophone about almost any subject and do so with relative ease. I was recently in Argentina and while I was not proud of my Spanish, at the end of 9 days, I was able to carry on a complete conversation with a Porteno (a native of BsAs) and have no issues with comprehension or making myself understood (without resorting to fucking mime Spanglish). Comprehension is still the most difficult part but if someone will apply themselves a bit by speaking slower and enunciating clearly, I can have a pretty in-depth conversation about a number of subjects, such is my vocabulary. If I was hard-pressed to qualify my Italian, I would say it’s poor to almost non-existent right now! However, with constant exposure and some conversational practice, I could manage to receive and convey most basic to intermediate “concepts” to the average Roman within 60 days. I have seen more countries than I can now recall by memory. I lived in South America for a total of 4.5 years. Three in Buenos Aires and almost one in Florianopolis and another month in Sao Paulo and another couple of months in Rio de Janeiro. I have been to much of Asia, nearly all of South America, nearly all of Europe, vast swaths of Australia, several countries in Africa, islands, mountains, beaches, forests, deserts….by plane, car, jeep, snowmobile, cruise ship, yacht, speedboat, scary leaky wooden dingy things, rickshaws that barely stopped when brakes applied, busses where they filmed you during boarding because there was a good chance you’d be kidnapped or the bus body “professionally” welded onto the antiquated tractor-trailer frame would end up in a fiery heap at the foot of the Andes, trains loaded with actual chickens and so many people I thought it would tip over, trains so fucking fast I couldn’t make out the landscape, scooters, dune buggies, gondolas, camels, horseback, elephants and god only knows what else. My point here is that I’m relatively articulate, very well traveled, well-read, pretty well qualified given my chosen profession, possess a better than average sense of humor, am a pretty solid athlete such that I can probably free (second) a section of 5.10d rock, hike a heavy pack up a 14’er, still throw a baseball with some real heat and I’m attractive enough. So, you conceited piece of shit, what exactly are you saying, you ask?

I have, through one way or another, scratched in the dirt, clawed at the walls of failure and drowned in oceans of betadom for so long that there was simply no other choice than to drag myself up into the light or remain in the dark and sentence myself to a life of impotence. Until very recently, the mere sight of my former kind was enough to send me into a slow-burn that ultimately culminated in me chastising the poor fuck by muttering “fucking simp” under my breath, almost afraid to present the guy with his diagnosis, like it was testicular cancer or something. And yeah, in a way it is…or was. Seems like some kind of cancer took their balls a long time ago. I have no particular affinity for knuckle-dragging troglodytes who are excessively “manly” merely for the sake of needing to appear hyper-masculine to their equally insecure friends and acquaintances. In fact, I deplore them as much as the lowly beta simp for they unnecessarily perpetuate a mythos that is neither genuinely masculine in nature, in my opinion, nor well adapted for today’s rapidly evolving society. They are, in fact, throwbacks; unsure boys attempting to be manly for all the wrong reasons.

Having said that, there is a place for genuine masculinity of the kind that is bore out of a man’s natural ambition. From that beautiful wellspring, comes forth all other masculine endeavors and accomplishments. That is my contention anyway. We want to control and shape our world and we can only accomplish that through hard work and mastery of our skills and God-given talents. We naturally aspire to build. To geo-form. To bring that natural world to heel – to enslave it! And to accomplish these things, men must better themselves – mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Men have to sharpen themselves in a forge of tribulations and failure if they’re to truly reach the limits of their abilities, and push past them. All sexism aside, men built this world. Men have always done much of the so-called heavy lifting for nature demands it. Women, whether they would admit to it, are far less often equipped to undertake the physical labors of men. If you can’t see that, you’re a fucking idiot and will struggle unnecessarily in life owing to your denial of physiognomy so basic that someone with a 50 IQ could recognize it.

Having said THAT, this same ambition is also what causes men to rape, murder, pillage, plunder and otherwise sow chaos and wreak havoc. This overreach and hostility is directly attributable and commensurate with a man’s natural ambition; whether driven by mental illness is outside the scope of this post but suffice it to say many of history’s greatest conquerors were also it’s greatest sociopaths and narcissists. I should qualify much of this by clarifying that men are violent on a larger, and sadly, more efficient scale because women, while seemingly more docile than men, women are nearly as violent as men in domestic situations and this is something I can attest to personally.

However, armies of women are not invading the Middle East in search of oil and other plunder, often human. No, that is the sole provenance of male-kind. It could be the case that a powerful female monarch or even elected female head of state could send men off to die, but we still rely on men to do the bulk of the killing because nature has made us thusly. But who has benefited alongside men more than their female counterparts? One would be very naive to imagine that women were not supportive of such aggression for hubby’s success was also her success, was it not? She bore children to this man and what better insured their survival than material wealth which meant power which meant safety, and indeed, advancement and status. Women need those things to feel safe and protected such that they will spread their legs and procreate with your “fortunate” ass. Men still have to demonstrate that ambition, drive – sexual and otherwise, and intelligence that results in increased status among those she perceives as useful. Sadly, utility, or, how you can be of service to them is the engine of all affection where most women are concerned. They are slaves to their biology and the sooner you wrap your head around that, the more quickly you can finish your last round of chemo, watch all your hair fall out and get comfortable hunched over the porcelain idol. You must rid yourself of this cancer that is contemporary masculinity, and it isn’t the toxic kind I’m talking about. No, today modern masculinity consists of a few very distinctive characteristics that are by no means instinctual but rather the manifestations of a complete and total loss of identity and what it means to be masculine. Of course, there is no “one thing” that personifies what it is to be a man and it’s an exercise in futility to try and identify it. And yet there is a common thread that runs through the majority of men. At bedrock, in each man’s soul, there lies the same ambition, to varying degrees and obviously brought to bear on different problems and obstacles or applied to different aspects of productivity, development, industry and research. It’s there, hidden in every man whether he knows it or not.

The problem is, somewhere along the way, men lost sight of that one simple overriding imperative. They lost their hunger for achievement through direct and indirect competition – iron sharpening iron as it were. They no longer hunger for self-improvement for the sake of, well, bettering themselves, and not just borne of self-conceit but rather a genuine passion for philanthropy and advancing the cause of human knowledge. No, today’s male is a so fucking thirsty that he’s premium snap chatting with some dingbat in San Diego. She’s selling lame pics of her tits for $5 or $10 a pop and these pitiful fucks are opening their wallets like it’s not available and for free at their fingertips. Just add lubricant and voila! That’s actually a whole other issue best left for another day.

Today’s man has been categorically emasculated to the extent that he doesn’t recognize what normal interaction between man and woman should look like. And more importantly, feel like. He gets laid so infrequently that he can’t possibly summon any reserves of confidence because he’s too busy getting jerked around every five minutes by some fucking harpy in yoga pants flashing her camel toe for a Venmo hit. He doesn’t realize that he’s a party to one of the greatest shows on earth: gold-digging. This poor bastard is so desperate to taste the forbidden fruit that he’ll max out his credit card just to catch a whiff of that rare, delicate flower. And why doesn’t he just satisfy his carnal urges online? Well, he does of course. Often. Way too often. But again, this is left for another post. And that’s precisely the problem – they’re living in a cocoon of safety and security where sexual and entertainment needs are satisfied through the twin pillars of gaming and porn. Having said that, women are equally to blame and will, in typical fashion, fail to shoulder their fair share of responsibility, invoking their special privilege as keepers and arbiters of all things relational instead. In doing so, they can transfer their narcissistic shame onto men who, lately, are all too willing to pronounce themselves culpable without having even voiced their side of the story. Which is? Which is we are slowly being transforming into a feminized, nanny state where all the things we find most abhorrent in government today are slowly being introduced as safety nets for those failing to compete in today’s world. We can’t compete with an unlevel playing field and we sure as hell can’t compete with the ingrained belief that women are the emotional default despite the fact that they very often DO NOT have a handle on them. The feminine caregiving traits that are so integral to early childhood development are breathtakingly effective at neutering an entire class of people devoid of any stabilizing male traits like perseverance, industriousness, ingenuity, and DRIVE. Femininity, by definition, is inward-looking. Masculinity, by nature, is outward looking. This should be so obvious to anyone with an IQ over 100 that I won’t even address why.

Tying it all together, beta men are more than content to watch this feminist vitriol permeate our society because their own inferiority complexes make them relate more easily with women – two groups which both see alpha men as oppressors. Only after discovering that his wife was getting her back arched by some alpha Chad while he was dutifully doing dishes and watching kids, will Stewart come to the realization that no amount of kowtowing will ever make her desire him like she desires getting fucked raw by an alpha beast. Because human beings have presumptuously assumed that because we have opposable thumbs and have mastered rocketry, that we are not subject to the same visceral, biological dictates as our primate cousins and all higher mammals for that matter. A woman’s strategy for ensuring optimal biological transmission of DNA is by securing the best of breed (no pun intended). She’ll look for physical cues like broad shoulders, handsome, angular face, tall, strong, domineering, confident. She wants to ensure those traits she believes will ensure survival, and therefore, continuity of her seed. Nature may bless men with some or even all of these physical traits but mental strength in the form of intelligence isn’t necessarily guaranteed and intelligent men generally earn more and possess greater resources than dumb shits. What’s an evolutionary whore supposed to do in this case? She wants an alpha injection but needs a beta provider to raise Chad’s child because Chad is much more likely to be out spreading his seed owing to his desirability among other females. So, women get caught in the conundrum and often end up settling for Stewart while imagining themselves getting smashed by Chad almost every night. Eventually, they come to resent Stewart and rationalize fucking Chad….often. Sometimes Chad is not only a good lay but a good provider and he knows it so he doesn’t settle for some 6 like a simp because she spread her legs for him. No, he knows his worth early and leverages it, waiting for the 9 or 10 to come along. These are those ultra-rare couples you see who still look great at 50 and have been married for 30 years and show no sign of slowing down. A dying breed but precisely the kind of situation you want for yourself: with a spouse you respect, admire and find attractive both physically and intellectually.

Today’s man can’t catch a break and there’s good reason for that. Men squandered all their capital when they started losing site of their purpose which is NOT to chase tail. When men started placing women on a pedestal above ALL else was the moment we started our descent. It’s no secret that men who chase their dreams and achieve often find tail chasing them. At the end of the day, men are ultimately responsible for allowing this to happen to our society. Men are responsible for allowing women to use political correctness as a weapon in their growing arsenal of political Death Stars. Even knowing that the direction this country was taking would weaken and imperil it, chickenshit beta cuckolds stood by and watched as rabid feminists slowly assembled armies of disaffected fat and unattractive women who would hold them hostage with the prospect of never getting their mincy little dicks in their less than desirable pussy if they didn’t toe the line. They never stopped to ask if they even wanted to fuck this woman or gave a shit what she thinks because society has indoctrinated men into believing that the ultimate accomplishment in life is landing a woman. Until men start to reason with their heads instead of their dicks, the balance of power will continue to shift in women’s favor. Fine by me. The faster these beta simps fully convert to the dark side of total cuckoldry, the sooner real alpha men can make them watch us herding their women away.

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